INKAS® Launches a New Eco-Friendly Cash-In-Transit Iveco Daily 6

INKAS® has designed and deployed an innovative armored Iveco Daily 6 for cash management operations and transportation of valuable assets and equivalents. This new addition to the wide fleet of INKAS® vehicles is specifically designed for the European market and meets all European standards and regulations.

The truck was fully engineered and manufactured in-house at the Toronto-based facility with specific attention to its security features and payload capacity. INKAS® skilled craftsmen focused on improving the vehicle’s loading and unloading capabilities through innovative engineering techniques and use of lightweight ballistic composite materials.

“We are delighted to announce the new Iveco Daily 6 cash-in-transit vehicle. We believe that this van is an attractive option for those who are looking for higher payloads. This model ensures the secure transportation of high payloads with no effect on its performance characteristics,” says Philip Daskal, VP of International Sales, INKAS® Vehicles. “Currently, we are manufacturing the first batch of these cash-in-transit vehicles for a financial institution in Western Europe, and we are planning to further expand this product line”.

The van accommodates up to four crew members allowing the vehicle to perform cash management operations in unstable neighborhoods during the day and night time. The vehicle’s side door enables easy access to the rear compartment without opening the rear doors, which makes such operations as reloading of ATMs much safer and more efficient. The interior design can be easily customized in order to meet specific clients’ needs and requirements.

This model is well-known for its eco-friendly features, in particular reduced fuel consumption as well as emissions.  This Iveco Daily is powered by a 3.0L I80 Diesel engine producing 180 horsepower.

Ballistic armor is installed around the vehicle’s perimeter along with its ceiling and floor ensuring 360-degree protection for personnel and transported valuables. All critical elements such as suspension, brakes, door hinges are reinforced in order to carry the added weight of ballistic materials without sacrificing the vehicle’s high level of maneuverability. According to the CEN 1063 Standard this vehicle is armored to meet a BR6+ ballistic protection level, however INKAS® can further armor this truck based on individual client requirements.

INKAS® offers a wide range of armored cash-in-transit vehicles and deploys them on a global scale to financial institutions and government agencies. Armored vehicles range in size and capabilities to suit different operational scenarios as well as protection and payload requirements.

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