INKAS® Group of Companies provides integrated financial and security solutions which strengthen our customers’ overall profitability by drastically increased revenues, reduced costs, mitigation of risks and security of their valuables. Thousands of financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, armored transport and ATM companies around the globe trust the INKAS® brand for its unsurpassed provided safety.

INKAS® delivers a range of products and service solutions which exceed industry standards through its network of Companies:

  • INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing produces a variety of luxury, cash-in-transit (CIT) and special purpose armored vehicles
  • INKAS® Security Services Ltd. is a cash management company providing security services, including cash in transit, armed security, coin processing, ATM services and vault storage
  • INKAS® Safe Manufacturing specializes in a wide variety of custom-made and industry standard safes, vaults and depository boxes
  • INKAS Payments Corp. provides point-of-sale, merchant services, gift and loyalty programs within various geographical markets
  • INKASTRANS Canada Inc. offers oil spill cleanup solutions and remediation services
  • Metaline offers complete services in the field of customized metal fabrication

INKAS® began its Canadian operations in October of 1993. To date, INKAS® has grown to employ over 200 highly skilled and specialized team members who produce the highest value products and services in our industry.

A great career awaits you at INKAS®

We operate in a number of sectors and offer fulfilling career opportunities on a global scale.

Our Group of Companies

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing

A world-renowned armoured vehicle manufacturer specializing in the design and production of a wide variety of both civilian and peacekeeping armoured vehicles.

INKAS® Security Services

Cash-in-transit, armed guard security, coin processing and ATM services provided to financial institutions, commercial clients and private individuals.

INKAS® Safe Manufacturing

An industry-leading manufacturer in the residential and commercial safe and vault manufacturing market serving a multitude of sectors and industries on a global scales.

INKAS® Payments

A merchant services provider offering POS solutions and custom transactional software development on a national scale to a broad range of clients.

INKAS® Professional Vehicle Manufacturing

Produces luxury limousines as well as other customized fleet and livery vehicles for private clients, corporations as well as governments on a global level.


Premium metal fabrication services utilizing the latest state-of-the-art machinery, offering a multitude of materials and serving both industrial and commercial sectors.


Possessing an extensive range of modern equipment, materials, and the relevant expertise to spearhead environmental protection initiatives all over the world.


Specializing in software development, system integration, task automation and development of robust information systems.