Announcing the Development of INKAS® Innovation Centre in Toronto

INKAS® is excited to reveal the development of its INKAS® Innovation Centre in Toronto, where the new hub will feature a modern space for its forward-thinking business divisions to collaborate and drive innovation that solves the challenges of tomorrow. INKAS® Group of Companies is at the forefront of the industries it serves and continues to influence change, shape the futures of our industries, and rapidly create innovative solutions in order to drive global impact – and the INKAS® Innovation Centre will be at its core.

“I’m proud to announce the INKAS® Innovation Centre, which is a symbol of our dedication to our clients,” said Margarita Simkin, Chairperson of INKAS® Group of Companies. “It’s important for businesses to constantly evolve and adapt to the rapid, unpredictable changes in the world. INKAS® has thrived for over 20+ years because each of our employees takes pride in creating high-quality products and solutions that are designed to solve real-world problems.”

From research facilities to think tanks, this space will give innovative teams an opportunity to connect and collaborate in order to turn breakthrough ideas into real-world solutions. The new hub in Toronto will create an environment where cross-functional teams can push each other’s boundaries to challenge their conventional thinking within their industry to reimagine their current approaches. This unique perspective across teams and divisions helps identify new opportunities in our markets, create unique business solutions, and enables innovative concepts to grow quickly – creating better solutions, faster.

The development of the business hub is currently underway at 5555 Keele Street in Toronto, and is expected to open in late 2021. Located on the corner of Keele and Steeles, the INKAS® Innovation Centre is positioned in the heart of a local business community, and just minutes from York University and the subway station. The state-of-the-art building features sustainable materials, living walls, open concept floor plans, event space, outdoor seating, a lounge, and other amenities – creating a modern environment in which new ideas can thrive.

“The prime location in Toronto will help facilitate collaboration and research between cross-industry businesses and INKAS® divisions,” said Ms. Simkin. “This new INKAS® Innovation Centre will give 150+ highly skilled employees a place to play, work, and innovate.”

INKAS® insight into emerging market trends and vast market intelligence has helped drive industry and market changes, and positioned the company as a global leader across its many industries including armored vehicle manufacturing, technology, security, defense, and the financial and environmental industries. Being renowned for its innovative technologies and methodologies throughout its divisions, INKAS® is excited to bring together its forward-thinking teams to develop solutions that disrupt the status quo of corporations, governments, and society in order to bring positive change to the world at large.

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