NEW Spare Parts Division for Both Armored and Stock Vehicles

Toronto, ON – INKAS® Group of Companies is proud to announce a newly-integrated vertical under its INKAS® Armored Division offering replacement automotive parts and accessories of both armored or heavy-duty specifications as well as standard OEM and aftermarket specs. Utilizing its well-grounded supply chain and distribution network, INKAS® will undoubtedly make a significant impact in the automotive parts space and as always, will focus heavily on customer service, specialized services and quality control. Purchasers of INKAS® Armored Vehicles will be privileged with prioritized access and a streamlined order process in order to maintain their INKAS® Armored Vehicles.

Inkas Armored ofrecerá su modelo LAV 300 al Ejército y la Armada colombianas

armored vehicle( E. Saumeth, Cartagena de Indias – La compañía canadiense Inkas Armored ofrecerá próximamente al Ejército y a la Armada colombianas sus modelos APC LAV-300, APV-300 y LAPV-100 4×4, como medios para dotar a las compañías Meteoro del Ejército y de la Infantería de Marina, en el marco de los procesos que en este sentido viene adelantando el Ministerio de la Defensa de esta nación.

Esta compañía con amplia presencia internacional –en cerca de 30 países-, está interesada en promocionar particularmente su vehículo LAV-300, M.R.A.P, diseñado sobre la base de un chasis Ford 550, impulsado por un motor Diesel V8 de 6.7 cc, con transmisión automática de 5 velocidades, blindaje nivel CEN-B6 (reforzado en el techo y suelo del carro), llantas Run-Flat.


The newest addition to the INKAS Group of Companies team – Metaline Company

We are happy to announce and introduce the newest addition to the INKAS Group of Companies team – Metaline Company. Using our already-solidified supplier relationships as well as our skilled workforce, we are certain that this venture into the metalwork space will be as adventurous as it is complimentary to our vast suite of services. Metaline based in Toronto, is equipped with top-tier equipment in order to provide all forms of CNC Laser cutting services, metal bending, CNC Brake press forming, metal shearing, metal fabrication and more.

Metaline offers a diverse spectrum of welding techniques. Whether it is carbon, aluminum or stainless steel, our welders are CWB certified and ensure that all specifications are met with every order.

Metaline is an ISO 9001 registered company and strives to exceed its clients’ expectations.  All technicians are extensively trained in all areas of welding and quality control is always a top priority.

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Message from the President


Since the establishment of INKAS® in 1993, “PROTECTION” had been our motto and guiding principle. Over the last two decades, INKAS® has grown to become an international leader in the design and production of top quality, luxury armored vehicles. Our expertise in manufacturing specialized vehicles combined with our commitment to PROTECTION of human lives naturally steered INKAS® into the area of environmental protection, leading to the creation of INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD®.

Following the success of INKAS® as a leader in its respective industries, INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® has taken a prominent role in the field of environmental protection by further growing the range of specialized vehicles and equipment as well as creating a line of revolutionary INKAS-SORB® sorbent products along with innovative technology for their application.

Today, INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® possesses an extensive range of equipment, materials and owns the expertise to spearhead the Oil Spill Cleanup industry.

INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® is proud to play an active role in the ongoing challenge of mitigating the devastating effects of oil spills. Such environmental disasters pose danger not only to marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems, but can also have wide-ranging impacts on human health, agriculture and the economy. INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® is dedicated to providing technical knowledge, materials, equipment, and expertise and has the capacity to tackle oil spill emergencies of all sizes on water and on land all over the globe.

INKASTRANS ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION LTD® goes further than merely providing you with innovative products and state-of-the-art equipment. We work to adjust our unique oil spill cleanup technology to the native conditions of your environment and provide extensive technical training to local communities, creating environmental awareness and new jobs. Taking our initiatives a step further, we have advanced the technology and possess the expertise to produce our unique oil spill cleanup products using renewable resources and vegetation which can be found in your native environments.

Allow us to become your environmental partner; together we can make the world a cleaner place.

New Home for INKAS Armored

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing  begins relocation to a recently acquired 160,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada.  The relocation is taking place in phases, without shutting downs and will not have a negative effect on current production schedule.

INKAS® featured in Canada’s Globe And Mail

INKAS® Armored has been featured in Canada’s leading newspaper, The Globe And Mail. Our Global Sales Manager, Phillip Daskal was invited to explain his experience in the business of armored vehicles, as well as, INKAS® Armored’s sales overseas.

An excerpt from the News Article:

Bullet casings the size of your pinky finger litter the floor of a small room inside an anonymous brown-brick industrial building in Toronto’s suburbs. A sign in the hall outside reads: “Live Ammunition Test. Do Not Enter.”

A collection of squares of dark-grey steel, about the size of coffee-table books, are scattered on a workbench. Some are punctuated with small, white dents and pockmarks. Others have bullet-sized holes. A pane of inch-thick glass, spider-webbed but not shattered, leans against the wall

This is the stuff of which bulletproof cars are made. On the factory floor down the corridor, the staff of Inkas Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing–one of several low-profile companies in the Toronto area in the business–are stripping apart and retrofitting brand-name SUVs and luxury sedans, mostly bound for overseas customers.

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INKAS is pleased to announce the release of its new 2011 INKAS LAPV II (APC) model ( This innovative vehicle is equipped with advanced blast and ballistic protection, handling and maneuverability, increased tires size, significantly improved ground clearance and optional Central Tire Inflation System.

The new model of the APC is upgraded with a new drive train and heavy duty portal technology to better the off-road performance, strength, toughness and durability with increased capacity and low maintenance cost.

The president of INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, Margarita Simkin stated, INKAS is thrilled to be awarded the contracts and to produce 250 LAPV II in 2011. We are proud to provide this vehicle as an advanced solution to law enforcement agencies and police forces here  in North America and emerging African countries.

For further information do not hesitate to contact Margarita Simkin at +1 (416) 744-3322