Haiti Response

We are pained to learn, that certain news outlets in Haiti believe they have a free license to spread vile lies about our organization, about our activities, and most of all about our obligations.

We’ve always tried to keep a low profile, and to help the people of Haiti, and Haitian National Police, not to the best of our ability, but far beyond.

With production being crippled by the global supply chain disruption, affecting every major automotive manufacturer, we have gone out of our way with gestures of good will – we have provided multiple additional Armoured Personnel Carriers, armoured vehicles, high end drones, and multiple, long term training engagements, as well as vehicle maintenance to Haiti National Police – all free of charge to the nation of Haiti.

All of the above is conveniently overlooked by every two bit “journalist”, couch commentator, and politician trying to cash in on issues, in the hopes of increasing their political capital, or perhaps dancing to the strings of their criminal masters.

Time has come for us to set the record straight.

1. We are NOT a company from the United Arab Emirates, nor do we have, or ever had any operations in the UAE. There is a false entity in Dubai, illegally using our brand name – this matter is well known, it is subject to litigation, and we have won at every turn, and will continue to win – there is only one INKAS, and it has been located in Canada for the past 27 years.

Anyone making claims to the contrary, is simply uninformed, and the claims about us not manufacturing are pathetic – Haiti National Police officials have visited our factory, and so did State Department officials (not only in connection with this transaction). Videos of our facilities are freely available on the internet. 

2. Making claims about us having received 100% of the payment up front, are also incorrect  and frankly insulting – we have spent an inordinate amount of money on this deal, and we are currently in a loss. We only received a down payment, and have been spending our own money ever since. Perhaps the self same “journalists” should investigate their own government’s payment policies.

3. The delays in delivery are based on supply chain issues – the whole world, and the entire automotive industry is suffering from it – we’ve been very transparent from the outset, on every issue, and we did not hide.  We have been spending time in Haiti, meeting with politicians and police alike, every step of the way.

If Volkswagen Audi, and General Motors cannot deliver vehicles, and Ford has waiting times exceeding 1 year, what could a smaller manufacturer do, but try their best?

We’ve had vehicles in stock, when this deal was underway, however as there was no signed contract, and subsequently no payment, the vehicles went elsewhere. This is the way  business is done, and any and all accusations against us for unfair business practices, are simply preposterous.

4. Last, but not least, there are constant claims of a mysterious US manufacturer that was ready to supply MRAPs. It is  interesting that it is never mentioned by name – possibly because it does not exist, but it conveniently fits the narrative. There are no “real” armoured vehicle manufacturers in New York, and especially none that make MRAPs.

The Canadian (and US) governments, have been incredibly supportive of our efforts, and of Haiti’s plight, providing military aircraft for these emergency airlifts.  Unsubstantiated claims of self interest are patently baseless and an attempt by various “pundits” to generate readership. In simple terms it is called “click bait” and “link bait”. Instead of fabricating stories, those who fancy themselves as journalists, should actually do real research, and not manufacture supposed facts.

We stand with the Haitian National Police, and the people of Haiti and we continue to support them, to the best of our ability, and beyond.

INKAS® Group of Companies

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