INKAS® Chairwoman’s Open Letter

The war in Ukraine is a human catastrophe. The loss of life is a tragic reminder to all of us of the cost of war.  We at INKAS® pray for peace.

Both my husband and I were born in the former Soviet Union. He is of Russian origin, and I am of Ukrainian ethnicity. Until last week, the very thought of a war between Russia and Ukraine would have been preposterous to even consider. While we have always honoured and respected our differences and our rights to safety and sovereignty, Russians and Ukrainians are family. Breaking bread together at the same table.  Loving, respecting and caring for one another.  

While we grew up in the Soviet Union, both David and I left a brutal, totalitarian state full of hate and avarice to start a new life, following in the steps of tens of thousands of others. Like many people at INKAS®, we came to Canada, a nation who welcomed us with open arms. A nation of peace, respect and diversity. A nation where one can safely practice their beliefs without the risk of threats or violence.  

As I watch the news of the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine my heart breaks. Innocent lives have been lost, families have been shattered, over a million refugees have left Ukraine and the country’s infrastructure is being systematically destroyed. The recent attack on a nuclear facility is terrifying.  

I am neither a politician nor a soldier. I am a businessperson and more so a mother.  My heart goes out to all those mothers on either side of this horrible conflict. The Ukrainian mother who had to flee and leave her husband and brothers behind to fight. The Russian mother who has received news that her beloved son has lost his life in combat.  

INKAS® was created to keep people safe from harm. Unfortunately, we live in a world where peace and human security can be a fleeting notion. On behalf of the staff of INKAS®, hard-working people from around the world, including Russia and Ukraine, we pray for security and the protection of human dignity. As the world teeters on the brink of catastrophe, we pray for peace.

Thank you

INKAS® Group of Companies

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