Ground-up design and development of software applications

to meet business goals of organizations of any type and size

AppGear Ltd. is a technology company specializing in IT and software solutions. The company offers consulting, management and development services with focus on internet based technologies and security. Among its flagship products are ISO-Office, a software and business management solution for the financial sector, and iLobby, a product that replaces the traditional paper based visitor registration book. AppGear Ltd. uses a tablet to capture the visitor details and picture, then sends instant notifications to the host via any combination of email, SMS or voice, all data securely stored in the cloud. AppGear’s mission is to become a leader in this industry by enhancing its offering through development of new products and services.


Technological Edge

AppGear’s strength is the consistent emphasis on personal growth and awareness of new technologies. Our teams utilize innovative tools and methodology to deliver lasting solutions capable of sustaining growth and maximizing compatibility with coming technologies.

Lean Development

Many of our clients are Lean focused and so are we. We typically utilize small teams of highly skilled individuals capable of wearing hats of all shapes and sizes. This helps deliver results quicker and on a leaner budget.

Certified Professionals

Our employees hold numerous certifications ensuring that our work is compliant with industry standards and best practices. This includes accreditations in Project Management, Software Development and Network & Security.