Led by a group of former defense and law enforcement professionals, coupled with over two decades of existence, an industry-leading reach and proven track record, INKAS® offers a true end-to-end approach as it pertains to Aerospace, Intelligence Solutions and Physical Security products and services. Working closely with defense and law enforcement agencies worldwide, our global footprint and commitment to transparency, quality and building strong relationships ensures the satisfaction of our clients, as well the as the successful execution of all projects, across all channels.

Aerospace & Defense

Premier Manufacturer & Integrator of Security and Defense Solutions

Key Areas of Expertise

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Cyber Intelligence

Offering a wide gamut of cyber intelligence solutions such as secure communications platforms for government and corporate clients alike, cyber forensic services for rapid response teams and finally digital investigation as well as mobile device forensic services for litigation support.


End-to-end intelligence products and services, varying from passenger screening to anti-drone solutions, INKAS® delivers protection, analysis, training and support to create a secure airport environment as well as provide port security consulting.

Public Safety

Pioneering physical security products and services portfolio consisting of Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM), Video Management System (VMS), Safe City Solutions, Perimeter Protection, and Radars; all geared towards the safety of the public.

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Consulting & Business Development

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Aviation, Maritime & Physical Security

Specializing in the design and audit of aviation security systems, followed by process and procedure, on which both training and enforcement are offered. Operationally and legislatively, INKAS® conducts risk assessments, and provides realistic and achievable recommendations, which will help pass ICAO and TSA audits, as well as improve the overall security environment at a client airport.

Defense & Law Enforcement Solutions

Cellular & IT Forensic Investigations

Providing both on and off-site mobile devise forensic data extraction solutions, enabling the successful collection of evidence. In certain jurisdictions, INKAS® may also offer litigation support as well as expert witness testimony provided by members of the law enforcement and digital investigations community.

Public-Private Partnerships

Actively helping countries who often face pressure to modernize their airport and seaport security, however may not have the financial means to do so. INKAS® specializes in operating complex airport and seaport, passenger and cargo security screening missions, within the framework of a Public-Private Partnership, with capital outlay and investment into the host country’s infrastructure.