A true pioneer within the Canadian security sector

Offering a unique service portfolio to clients of all sizes

INKAS® Security Services Ltd. is a leading cash management company offering a full cycle of security services to government organizations as well as businesses, merchants and financial institutions. Services include the secured transportation of cash and its equivalents, coin processing, ATM services, armed security and vault storage. Within the realm of cash management services in Canada, INKAS® is seen as a leader with proven results, an established track record and a highly-skilled workforce.


Integrated Cash Management

Working with customers in the various industries we service and support, INKAS® understands the challenges our clients face and has created an integrated cash management solution designed to optimize cash logistics from the point of sale to the deposit in the bank account. By taking your specific requirements into consideration, our highly experienced employees will effectively reduce risks associated with handling cash and allow you to focus solely on running your business.

Custom-Engineered Fleet

Each vehicle is built in-house and meets all local and international guidelines when it comes to armouring and security standards. Moreover, a portion of INKAS® vehicles are completely unmarked offering more flexibility and security when compared to marked cash trucks.

Bonded Transport & Storage

In-bond storage offers Canadian businesses the opportunity to securely warehouse their
imports until they are physically injected into the Canadian economy. As for individuals, it’s a perfect opportunity to inspect and evaluate high-value goods prior to clearing them for import.

With an approval issued by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and a license from the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA), our crews perform in-bond pick-ups directly from the airplane and transport it to our bonded warehouse for you to store and inspect.