INKAS® to showcase its latest innovation, Macrocement™ at the RILEM Conference in Israel

For over two decades, INKAS® has been providing a wide range of environmental conservation and protection services and working towards finding efficient ways to reduce the impact of industrial sectors on the environment.  Besides the continuous support to the community where it operates, the company has launched several inventions including oil spill cleanup devices, absorbent fibrous granules; and now, INKAS® is proud to introduce the first-of-its-kind Macrocement™, a granulated cement to replace conventional powdered cement —the world’s most widely used building material.

By bringing granulated cement into the market, INKAS® anticipates a significant change in the field due to the long-standing inefficiencies found within traditional powdered cement. Commonly used in the construction industry, traditional cement contributes towards man-made emissions on the greenhouse effect as well as negatively impacts workers’ health conditions in general. In the case of Macrocement™, not only are emissions reduced but the product demonstrates additional economic benefits due its extended shelf life and low impact from humidity. 

INKAS® will be presenting its innovative findings and showcasing Macrocement™ at the 3rd International RILEM Workshop on Concrete Durability and Service Life Planning (ConcreteLife’20) to international engineering and research communities. The conference will be held at Technion, Haifa, Israel, on January 14-16, 2020 and discuss the future trends in research, development, and practical engineering applications related to durable concrete construction. A focus of the workshop will be the design and construction of concrete structures exposed to different environmental conditions and mechanical loading. INKAS® invites all interested parties to join the workshop to learn more about fundamental scientific concepts related to its innovations in the concrete industry.

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