Introducing INKAS® Aerospace and Defense – a New Division of the INKAS® Group of Companies

INKAS® is proud to announce the official launch of its newest division, INKAS® Aerospace and Defense, which extends its expertise in progressive security solutions into strategic and tactical products and services offered to the global security and defense community. As both a manufacturer and an integrator, INKAS® combines its wide range of existing solutions, and deep industry knowledge, as well as new products, into comprehensive deliverables ensuring clients have the resources, information, and technology they need, when they are required most.

“For over two decades, INKAS® has been protecting lives through our innovative technology and equipment which is already deployed worldwide. Our new division will further solidify INKAS® as a powerhouse in the security and defense industries,” said Margarita Simkin, Chairwoman of INKAS® Group of Companies. “At INKAS®, we take great pride in manufacturing products that help save lives, and we’re excited to complement our vast portfolio with field-proven aerospace and defense solutions.”

Driven by the vision to create a more secure future in this ever-changing world, INKAS® strives to develop and manufacture the most advanced security products available on the market today – creating unsurpassed defense solutions to prepare for the threats of tomorrow. From surveillance and intelligence platforms to anti-drone and tactical solutions, INKAS® Aerospace and Defense delivers end-to-end capabilities, regardless of where your operations are stationed.

Joining the INKAS® mission to create a safer world, as the Managing Partner of the new division, is Mr. Eugene Gerstein, a globally renowned security and defense expert and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, with a vast amount of experience in aviation and maritime security, as well as public safety. With extensive military and law enforcement expertise, along with a background in engineering, Mr. Gerstein brings with him significant experience in developing industry-leading technologies and solutions. Combined with INKAS® continuous commitment to investing heavily into research and development, this will further strengthen the company’s offerings in the aerospace and defense sectors.

Mr. Gerstein excels at taking highly complex client requirements and turning them into highly effective deliverables that support both current and future defense requirements. Leveraging powerful strategic partnerships, Mr. Gerstein expertly layers and integrates various systems in order to build a truly end-to-end, customized solution for each client – delivering unsurpassed solutions that meet even the most complex security and surveillance requirements. Gerstein said “I’m excited about the opportunities afforded by joining forces with a powerhouse in the defense and law enforcement industries – after all, the INKAS® brand is synonymous with defense, and is a monumental vehicle to carry forward our activities – we have a lot of exciting technologies in store, which will allow us to continue doing what we’ve always done – create unique solutions, to solve unique problems, and truly contribute to the peace, safety and security of many people around the world”.

Also joining the team is Mr. Andy Ellis. As former Assistant Director of Operations at CSIS, Mr. Ellis provided strategic leadership in all national safety operations. With over 29 years of operational experience, including 6 years serving on the Board of Directors, he has established an international reputation as a high-performing executive in critical security programs of public concern. His resourcefulness in commanding a diversity of projects continues to motivate teams to rapidly adapt to changing priorities.

The security and defense industries rely on innovative equipment and technology in order to mitigate risks and respond to critical situations rapidly. By leveraging technological know-how, state-of-the-art tools, talent and facilities, INKAS® Aerospace and Defense is poised to deliver advanced security and defense solutions protecting many domains, from individuals, to entire cities, transit hubs, airports, public transportation, military and law enforcement, and many more.

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