The Nigerian Armed Forces deploys INKAS® Armored APCs into Service

The Nigerian Armed Forces stationed a new fleet of armored personnel carriers (APCs) supplied by INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing into service. INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is a leading Canadian-based company that specializes in the production of security transportation solutions. The APCs were fully designed and built at the INKAS® Armored manufacturing facility in Toronto, Canada. The entire fleet was customized in order to meet the requirements of the Nigerian Armed Forces, with special attention to the protection and passenger comfort. INKAS® Armored APCs have already established a significant footprint in the country through their ongoing deployment by the Nigeria Police Force.

“INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing has been in the industry for almost 20 years; therefore we have a great understanding of the threats and challenges faced by our customers in the region. We are able to provide them with the required level of protection and comfort as well as offer accessible after-sales support. At INKAS® Armored, we take pride in manufacturing products that save lives”, says David Khazanski, CEO, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing.

INKAS® Armored APCs supplied to the Nigerian Armed Forces are designed to provide increased protection along with a high level of comfort to its occupants. High ground clearance makes these high mobility off-road vehicles able to fulfill their duties in all climate and driving conditions. The APCs come with 360-degree perimeter armoring of the passenger compartment in order to provide protection against 7.62mm, 308 Winchester FMJ ammunition, in accordance with NIJ Standard 0108.01 Level 3 and/or CEN 1063 Level B6. The vehicles’ floors are armored in order to withstand blasts and shrapnel from the detonation of 2 x DM51 grenades detonated simultaneously. INKAS® Armored vehicles are equipped with proprietary overlap systems that protect passengers from bullets being shot between door seams and other crevices. The perimeter of the vehicles are equipped with gunports as well as tactical surveillance cameras providing a 360-degree perimeter view for the occupants.

INKAS® Armored utilizes a new generation of armoring materials that meet international standards in terms of resistance while weighing as little as half of what industry-standard armor plates of the same size weigh. Revolutionary light-weight armor allows INKAS® to substantially increase vehicles’ mobility and speed performance in comparison with the similar models in the market. Moreover, INKAS® employs the latest technologies in metal fabrication offering precise and efficient materials which weigh less but are tested and proven to protect better and result in the company’s ability to supply armored vehicles that guarantee safety and security.

Along with APCs and other special purpose vehicles INKAS® Armored manufactures a wide variety of armored buses, vans as well as luxury SUVs and sedans. In Africa, the company serves law enforcement agencies, banks, global corporations and high profile individuals. INKAS® Armored has authorized after-sale workshops and sales offices throughout Western Africa, including Lagos, Nigeria, where the company has been on the ground since 2008.