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INKAS® Group of Companies is a global conglomerate comprised of a group of industry-leading companies that specialize in the aid of civilian safety, environmental protection, financial aid, security, logistics, fabrication and manufacturing.


vehicle modificationand conversion

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing produces a variety of luxury, cash-in-transit and special purpose armored vehicles.

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INKAS® Security Services Ltd. is an integrated security risk management company providing cash in transit, armed security, coin processing, ATM and vault storage services.

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INKAS® Safe Manufacturing specializes in a wide variety of custom-made and industry standard safes, vaults and depository boxes.

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INKAS® Professional Vehicle Manufacturing produces luxury limousines as well as customized fleet and livery vehicles.

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INKAS® Payments Corp. provides point-of-sale, merchant services, gift and loyalty programs within various geographical markets.

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INKASTRANS Canada Inc., provides its clients with oil spill cleanup solutions and remediation services on a global scale.

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Metal Fabrication


Premium metal fabrication services utilizing the latest state-of-the-art machinery serving both industrial and commercial sectors.

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Software Development


Specializing in software development, system integration, task automation and development of robust information systems.

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At INKAS® we strive for excellence and work towards

long term


INKAS® has extensive experience working with federal and provincial governments, and numerous authorities worldwide. Among our clients are the UN, NATO, the Government of Canada, the Government of the United States as well as embassies of different countries. By delivering high-quality product and services for over 20 years, INKAS® was able to accumulate comprehensive knowledge working with various international requirements and regulations.

Trusted Partnerships

INKAS® has provided a number of security products and services to financial institutions, corporations and private clients on a global scale. Through the implementation of best practices in innovation and design, very strict quality control procedures as well as third-party independent laboratory testing, INKAS® is proud to achieve industry-leading near 100% satisfaction rates throughout its network.

Trusted Partnerships
Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The law enforcement work environment implies high risks and dangerous conditions for a number of reasons. In order to ensure maximum protection and create a safe work environment for those who are protecting our community, INKAS® designs products that meet the highest international standards as a result of their first-class assembly, implementation of the best technological practices and quality management system.


INKAS® is proud of its vital part in communities everywhere and realizes the commitment and dedication it requires to ensure its products are up to the task of protecting people in every home, town, city, and country INKAS® products are sold. Closer to home, INKAS® has become recognized for its success and impact on the local community, winning multiple awards and continuously giving back to the employees
and community.

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