Metaline is one of the leading Canadian metal fabrication companies under the umbrella of INKAS® Group of Companies. The company offers complete services in the field of customized metal fabrication from engineering and design to fabricated finished parts. With a 140,000 square foot facility equipped with the latest CNC machines, Metaline offers customized metal parts to industrial, medical, automotive, retail and other organizations.


Premium Metal Fabrication Services

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Quality First Manufacturing

Our employees are committed to continually improving the quality of the services we offer. The result is exceptional work performance, professional project management and consistently high ratings of customer satisfaction. When you choose Metaline, you have our commitment to meet or exceed your expectations on every project and for each service we provide.

Unique Capabilities

Currently, Metaline has the capability of engineering and fabricating components with the use of our brand new Bystronic 250 ton 4 axis CNC brake press. We have recently purchased a 650 ton 4 axis CNC brake press which will allow us to expand our services as we strive to meet all of our customers’ requirements.

Defined Procedures

Metaline starts each project with raw material and completes them with powder coating, tube fabrication, fabrication and wire forming, assembly packaging and delivery. Our large and experienced team can carry out all long and short production projects and believes in multiple shift operation and computer aided automation so that the quality and efficiency is increased. Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority at Metaline and thus we are continuously looking for improvements.

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