INKAS® prides itself on being one of the most innovative groups in the security technology sector. The team at INKAS® is determined and willing to tackle the obstacles of tomorrow that may not yet be present today. With every product the company manufactures and services it develops, the object remains to continually foster a deep level of innovation and forward-thinking. INKAS® has excelled in doing so since its inception.

INKAS® takes great pride in its continuous
focus on research and development.

It is important not only to the company but to all those who work at INKAS® to use the most up-to-date technologies and newest security methods during product design, engineering, and manufacturing. This is what enables INKAS® to develop products and offer services that are truly industry leading and provide its clients confidence they are receiving only the best the security world has to offer. Product development is a pivotal factor within INKAS®’s growth, and an important ongoing theme as the company continues to push boundaries, continues to innovate, and continues to make difficult decisions to further evolve the INKAS® brand founded on quality, sustainability, and progress.

INKAS®’s innovative efforts are woven throughout the company’s portfolio and within all products and services it provides. The team at INKAS® completes all product development and manufacturing in house in order to attain higher efficiencies without sacrificing quality standards. INKAS® maintains its involvement through the entire development and manufacturing process to ensure only the best is sold under the INKAS® name. The company also engages in many global initiatives promoting the use of green technology and sustainable solutions to guarantee its products are developed with the environment in mind.

As a truly global company, INKAS® aims to build products that are fitted to all environments, climates, and threat levels. By always considering this global reach, INKAS® ensures every solution offered is secure and fitted to perform no matter where it is deployed worldwide.

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