Committed to innovative strides towards a more secure future

INKAS® prides itself on being an innovative group of companies that yearns to tackle the obstacles of tomorrow that may not yet be present today. It’s our goal to bake in a deep level of innovation and progression with every product we manufacture and every service we provide and thankfully, we have excelled in doing so since our inception. With research and development being a pivotal factor in our growth, we recognize the importance of continuing to push the boundaries, continuing to innovate and continuing to make difficult decisions in order to further elevate INKAS® as a brand founded on quality, sustainability and progress.

Our innovative efforts leave a long-lasting impression across our entire company portfolio and can be seen within many of our products and services. We actively develop our own technologies to help us attain higher efficiencies without sacrificing quality standards and are engaged many global initiatives promoting the use of green technology, sustainable solutions and innovate approaches across all sectors.

A great career awaits you at INKAS®

We operate in a number of sectors and offer fulfilling career opportunities on a global scale.

INKAS® Group of Companies is an international corporation with presence in a multitude of industries and geographies headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For over two decades, INKAS® has been offering integrated security solutions for retailers, government agencies, financial institutions, global corporations and high-profile individuals all over the world.

INKAS® started its operations in October 1993 in Toronto, Canada. To date, INKAS® has grown to employ over 200 highly skilled and specialized team members who produce the highest value products and services in the industry.

Our Mission