INKAS® works with partners all over the world to find the newest green technologies and aims to use them to improve its products and reduce its carbon footprint. The INKAS® Group of Companies manufactures its products in the most sustainable fashion possible and always makes the health and safety of its employees, customers, and the public the top priority. INKAS®’s vision is to be a reliable partner that takes environmental protection seriously and makes the world a cleaner place.

This was part of the reason for the creation of INKASTRANS Canada, a division of INKAS® that works to fight oil pollution on land and in the sea all over the world. Using innovative technologies, INKAS® saw an opportunity to help governments and environmental groups respond to oil spills and help restore polluted areas safely and quickly. Not only does INKAS® help others protect ecosystems all over the world, but they are committed to using equipment and materials in a way that is balanced with the environmental and economic needs of the communities INKAS® assists.

One of the core beliefs at INKAS® is that all products and services should be developed and manufactured with sustainability in mind.

The INKAS® Group of Companies is committed to conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner that protects not only employees and customers but also takes into consideration the environment and local communities near company facilities. INKAS® only manages business in a manner that meets sustainable environmental needs and complies with all laws and regulations to meet a high safety, security, health, and environmental standard. This includes incorporating the principles of sustainability into every business decision, reducing the demand for non-green products by producing sustainable alternatives, and committing to following environmental standards in all business operations.

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