INKAS® employees are encouraged to maintain a positive work/life balance and are given every opportunity to expand their career aspirations and advance their personal development.

INKAS® values its employees and wants them to build careers, not just do their jobs. Every INKAS® employee is eligible for comprehensive training programs to ensure they have all the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their position. INKAS® also offers mentoring programs to help workers integrate quickly into the company and help them envision their career paths and begin the steps to making their dreams a reality. To help inspire productivity and recognize individual success and milestones, INKAS® also hosts annual corporate awards representing all levels of the company.

The INKAS® Group of Companies treats every employee as a family member and strives to create
a comfortable corporate culture to inspire and motivate the entire staff.

INKAS® is proud to have a distinctly multicultural workforce. Not long ago, INKAS® was a small business, and even now with over 350 employees, the notions of family and free speech remain pillars of the organization. Regardless of status within the company, any INKAS® employee is open to voice their ideas, questions, or concerns without repercussion. These open lines of communication infuse the INKAS® corporate atmosphere with a true sense of family. INKAS® employees feel so at home that it is not uncommon to see multiple family members or referred employees working together or across divisions and departments. To add a bit of family fun into every summer, INKAS® also hosts an annual “Fun Day” event as a way to give back to its outstanding employees.

A great career awaits you at INKAS®

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We operate in a number of sectors and offer fulfilling career opportunities on a global scale.