Over the years, INKAS® has grown to include not only its world-class armored vehicle manufacturing arm but a range of innovative services and products, such as cash management services, armed security, custom-made safes and vaults, point-of-sale products, and oil spill remediation services. With each of these endeavors, INKAS® has grown its industry footprint and continued to lead the way.

INKAS® works with some of the world’s largest organizations and is trusted as a global security solutions trailblazer. INKAS® has worked with over 30 governments worldwide to aid in civilian safety, environmental protection, and government security, while providing a variety of services and products to financial institutions and retailers around the globe.

Since its inception, INKAS® has been an industry leader in secure logistics, technology, and manufacturing.

This trust has enabled INKAS® to become recognized and awarded as an innovative leader in the security sector and energizes the company to continuously push the boundaries. INKAS® is never complacent with the status quo; the company is ever evolving and always on the lookout for ways to better serve its clients and the community. To maintain this progressive and successful trajectory, INKAS® is consistently expanding and modifying the products and services it offers, investing in the development process, and putting technology first.

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