INKAS® Professional Vehicle Manufacturing Introduces a new Special Mobility Vehicle (SMV) line of products


INKAS® Professional Vehicle Manufacturing has officially announced the launch of a new line of Accessible Mobility Solution Vehicles to join its already-extensive roster of multi-purpose vehicles.
The new INKAS® Special Mobility Vehicle (SMV) will be introduced to the market within the next month. Constructed to meet the most stringent standards, the design and engineering of the SMV are specifically customized for people with special needs offering them a level of comfort and accessibility unparalleled in other vehicles. INKAS® has signed an agreement in order to customize and modify a batch of 85 units by extending the body without sacrificing the vehicles safety or reliability. The INKAS® SMV has been stretched to fit up to three wheelchair passengers offering them both spacious and comfortable transportation. The hand-crafted and quality upholstered interior includes hydraulic-powered hidden LED panels, modified ecoHVAC systems, improved air quality and purification systems and seat-integrated remote controls. INKAS® aims to deliver exceptional products and service by ensuring that any technological or functional request is taken into account when manufacturing its professional vehicles.
“The SMV is the world’s first accessible van designed and built specifically for wheelchair users. At INKAS®, we are proud to provide high-quality conversions to vehicles that simplify mobility challenges,” – said Leo Bodenstein, VP, INKAS® Professional Vehicle Manufacturing. “INKAS® master technicians are able to efficiently build out a world-class mobility vehicle in a very short time frame while maintaining a level of quality and craftsmanship, which supports our high position in the industry. We anticipate to enter the market and expand our strong presence by offering quality mobility vehicles with unique capabilities and competitive pricing”.
INKAS® aims to further grow its SMV line of products that is set to include Dodge ProMaster, Mercedes-Benz Metris, Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna vehicles. As an innovative technological feature, INKAS® skilled engineers have designed a subfloor ramp that facilitates easy and comfortable access to the van for any wheelchair passenger without assistance.
Security, safety, quality, performance – all words used to describe the guiding principle at INKAS® Professional Vehicle Manufacturing. The Accessible SMV meets all required standards for registration within The Ministry of transportation of Canada and The U.S. Department of Transportation.