“Lawful Protest” at INKAS® HQ

First and foremost, INKAS® Group of Companies is a proud Canadian organization, in business for almost three decades, employing hundreds of Canadians and immigrants alike, from all religions, races and backgrounds. Our mandate is and always will be to manufacture products which protect the security of our clientele – which are all vetted as per the guidelines set forth by the Canadian government. We supply a vast array of organizations, including law enforcement agencies, governmental bodies, and peacekeeping missions – on a global scale. We have and will continue to operate within the bounds of the Canadian legal system in the country we are all proud to call home.

The events that took place at our headquarters in North York, Ontario on October 30th, 2023, were unnecessary, misguided, and costly to our reputation as well as our well-being. To be clear, we support the right to free speech and to PEACEFULLY protest in the same way it is outlined within the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. However, what transpired today was not a peaceful protest. Our property was defaced and vandalized, the entrance to our workplace was barricaded by protestors and they physically prevented hard-working Canadians, law-abiding citizens, from gaining access to their place of business. 

Being primarily a manufacturing business, every minute of production time counts – we have lost hours. Our business has been unnecessarily disrupted. Our employees no longer feel safe in the workplace. Our facility has been vandalized. This is not the Canadian way. If there are questions, concerns, or comments regarding our operation or our products, we invite all interested parties to reach out to us to schedule a formal and civil discussion.

I pray for the safety of all the world’s children; I am distraught by the events taking place globally, and those that took place on our doorstep this morning. A protestor decided to bring their young child with them, who must have been a year old. Amidst the yelling, shoving, and near-freezing weather – as a mother and grandmother, I just can’t bear to see things like this.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

INKAS® Group of Companies

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